• July 23, 2024

Starting an Exterior Painting Service

Thevideo starts with Tymo from Tymo Paints saying that he will be sharing tips on how to start a small or big exterior painting service business. The first step involves determining the type of services one will offer and the target customers. Tymo says doing this will inform other decisions, such as what equipment to purchase, the help to hire, and what marketing efforts will be most effective.

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He then lists the second step, which focuses on settling on a pricing strategy. For this, one can find people who recently had a paint job done on their home and ask them how much they paid and the square footage of their house. Doing this will help to get the average pricing of painting work in the area of operations.
Another great strategy is to consult local competitors. However, if this isn’t possible, Tymo suggests figuring out the production rate and setting a price according to what it takes to complete a task. The next step involves getting tools and any other necessary supplies together. One will also need insurance and licenses. Tymo then recommends getting a vehicle, which will help with advertising.
The last step is marketing the business to achieve success. There are different approaches one can use to stand out from the crowd, but one of the most popular and effective, according to Tymo, is social media marketing. He says it makes it easier for businesses to connect with potential clients and showcase their work on a more personal level.

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