• June 17, 2024

What Does Managing a Data Center Involve?

Managers of large companies who want to improve the relationships between the Information Technology manager of your company and the Operations or Facility managers will appreciate the details in this video. In their YouTube video, “Fundamentals of Data Operations,” Gogo Training provided a series of detailed flow charts to illustrate the challenges of collaboration between departments.

In a recent AFCOM survey, the problem that most frequently delays technological efficiency is excessive heat. Other relevant issues include operator error, lack of computer space, and power failure. Because of the importance of technology for both interoffice communication and customer relations, any lag in computer operations can become a financial liability.

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Managing a data center requires constant communication with Operations, as well as other departments. Does the IT manager need more space for its computers or printers? If so, does Operations have a plan to provide that space? Is the CFO aware of any financial challenges due to this need?

The most important thing to cultivate is collaboration between all departments. Managers should prioritize ongoing communication between all departments. Each department will, naturally, think it is the most important. However, it’s only by collaboration between all agencies that the company can reach its best possible outcome.

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