• June 17, 2024

A Guide to Professional Corporate Catering

Anyone planning a large convention or business meeting that wants to feed the attendees will likely need to consider a corporate catering provider as an easy solution. These are a few things to look for and ask about when interviewing caterers.

The ability to cook and prepare large portions of food relies on oversize and specialized kitchen equipment.

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These include fryers, flat grills, mixers, multiple ovens, cutting boards, rinsing sinks, prep tables, metal bowls and cast iron pots that are fuel-fired to ensure even cooking. Utensils that are large enough to stir things properly and quickly.

Make sure that the company uses fresh ingredients for every aspect of their meals. Preferably, the majority of these foods will be locally sourced to support other business and growers and boost the area’s economy.

Do they use fresh vegetables, salad mixings, fruit and soup ingredients? These complement any memorable meal. Take a look at a few places they get their food from. If beverages are desired, don’t forget to include them with the order.

A final decision is whether to take the order to the site in-person or have the company deliver it in a spacious van. Not only will they bring food and beverages, their deliverers will bring along steamers and chilling implements to keep things at temperature. A drawback to self-pickup for large orders is getting all to the site and the lack of steamers and cooling equipment.

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