• July 23, 2024

What It Takes to Install Storefront Glass Properly

Storefront glass replacement is a task that requires specific skills and tools to complete the job effectively. As the video “How to Install a Commercial Storefront Door” shares, a commercial storefront door can make your business look more professional than a regular residential door would. With the proper installation techniques, your commercial storefront will look even more professional and inviting to customers considering entering your establishment.

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Installing storefront glass properly starts with finishing the opening as impeccably as possible. While the glass itself might seem like the most important piece, the frame surrounding the door matters just as much. When installing a glass door, you’ll start with installing the side pieces first. Once those are secured, you can move on to installing the door itself. During this process, it’s important to check all edges to ensure that they are secure at every step. To install the door, you can click it into place by dropping it on the lower fixture first. Then, you’ll put a pin on the top and orient the door to swing outwards. Different doors will require different techniques, but this is generally how installing commercial storefront glass works.

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