• April 17, 2024

What to Expect When Starting Out in the IT Industry

Are you considering a career in IT support? You aren’t alone! With the monumental rise of the tech and cybersecurity industries in the last 5 years, more people than ever are making the move to digital job fields. If you’re looking to get a foot in the door in the IT industry, or if you have already secured a job as an IT technician or support specialist, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you get ahead of the game in this fast-paced and demanding industry. In this video, we’ll cover some key things to know when you’re entering the world of IT support.

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First of all, knowledge of basic computer programs is a huge plus. Look into obtaining certificates through your employer or through your own funding. The next tip is to ask for first-hand shadowing options where you can watch an experienced IT specialist troubleshoot problems, answer calls, and innovate new solutions. Having an example to follow is the first step to becoming productive and excellent at your new position. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions! The more knowledge you gain, the more you can help the customers calling for your support.


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