• June 17, 2024

How Can You Negotiate Your Business Parcel Contract?

If a business believes they are paying too much money for shipping its packages, there could be a better solution out there. In their YouTube video, “Parcel Contract Negotiation,” TransportationImpact.com explains how their parcel shipping contract benchmarking services use their expertise and technology to analyze a company’s current shipping methods and costs. After their analysis, they can inform the company whether they are overpaying for their shipping services.

Video Source

Transportation Impact will utilize the expertise of its staff to help companies that ship a high volume of packages. Their staff includes experts in sales and shipping. Some of their staff members were formerly employed by the largest shipping companies in the U.S.

Their analysis of a company’s shipping methods takes 2-3 days. After a 3-4 hour commitment from one of the hiring company’s staff members, that staff member can learn how to negotiate the most advantageous parcel discounts. Transportation Impact estimates their negotiating methods can save a company 22%.

If a company uses its services, Transportation Impact will charge them a percentage of their savings. After using their services, the methods that the company learns will remain available to them for their future use. To learn how to save money on shipping costs, interested companies should utilize this channel’s resources.


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