• July 23, 2024

Air Conditioner Companies to Look Out For

In this video, Kenneth of Atlas AC starts by explaining that six companies dominate the HVAC market in the US. These firms offer high-quality products and reliable performance. He emphasizes that while other brands may offer good products, this video focuses on these six air conditioning companies.

Kenneth discusses Carrier Global Corporation, known for its innovative technology and energy-efficient systems. He explains that Carrier offers products suitable for different budgets and needs.

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Next, he talks about Train Technologies, a company with a long history in the HVAC industry. He praises it for its durable and reliable systems, as well as its excellent customer service.

Daikin Industries is the next brand Kenneth discusses. He highlights Daikin’s reputation for producing high-quality systems and emphasis on energy efficiency. The firm boasts a wide selection of products, including ductless mini-split systems, which Kenneth recommends for their versatility.

Linux International is another major player known for its reliable and cost-effective systems. Kenneth mentions that Linux systems have found their way in commercial buildings. Rheem Manufacturing is the fifth brand Kenneth covers. It offers a variety of products suitable for both residential and commercial use.

He praises Rheem for its reliability and affordability. Lastly, the presenter talks about Johnson Controls, a company that offers a wide range of air conditioning solutions. And he mentions that Johnson Controls is known for its advanced technology and energy-efficient systems.


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