• July 23, 2024

A Guide to Manhole Cleaning

The Drain Unblockers video, “Badly Blocked Manhole Unblocking – Satisfying Clean Up,” shows the process of manhole cleaning at a residence with a clogged drain in Liverpool, England.
The service person accesses the back patio area through an alleyway and finds water and waste material littering the concrete ground tiles. After a quick search, he locates and removes the manhole cover, only to find solid waste blocking the drainage pipes.

Video Source

A corkscrew-like tool loosens up the material, and a high-pressure water hose clears the drain. It reveals a gap between the drain from the house and the drain to the sewer. The gap allows him to push the high-pressure house into the house drain, running the water for several minutes to clear the blockage. Once the water draining from the house is largely clear, he inserts the hose into the drain to the sewer to clear any further blockage.
He then brushes waste materials off the patio and into the drain, followed by hosing down the area to remove smaller bits of waste. Once that is accomplished, he finishes the job by applying a gallon of disinfectant around the area. This is followed by further brushing, cleaning various mats and drain covers, and hosing down the area, before returning his tools and hoses to the service van.

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