• May 27, 2024

X Things Spray Foam Insulation Companies Need to Know

Spray foam insulation differs from all other insulation types because you manufacture the insulation product on-site, determining the spray’s thickness, consistency, and installation technique. As this video discusses, to find a spray foam company, you’ll need to complete a one to four-year apprenticeship with one of the existing spray foam insulation companies near you. During this apprenticeship, you’ll study:
– Building Science
– Installation techniques
– Equipment
– Equipment repairs and parts
– Building codes
– How to market your business.

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Spray foam offers the only building material that insulates, creates an air seal, and blocks all forms of thermal transfer.

Your education should include working with all forms of spray foam insulation:
– Open-cell foam
– Closed-cell foam
– Roofing foam
– Low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) specialty foams.
Determining which foam to use depends on the goals of the building’s owner, such as noise reduction or improved air quality.

Opening a spray foam insulation business requires a serious investment in the equipment and the training, but you will own an always-in-demand business.

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