• May 27, 2024

A Guide to Installing a Well Pump

Installing a pump for a shallow well is a fantastic solution for homeowners who want a reliable water source for their homes or property. An external well pump is typically installed at a depth of 25 feet or less. It can provide water for household needs, such as drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

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While it may seem daunting, installing a pump can be relatively easy for homeowners with the right tools and knowledge.

Before the installation, make sure you have the appropriate permits and follow local regulations. You must also use the right pump for your specific needs. Some of the benefits of professional installation include choosing the correct pump, proper installation, and ensuring the safety of the homeowner.

Hiring a professional to install your pump means they have the knowledge and experience needed. They can also ensure that the pump is installed correctly, which will help prevent any issues down the line, such as water contamination or pump failure.

Additionally, professionals can help you choose the best location for your well pump, taking into consideration the depth of the water table, soil composition, and potential contamination sources. This can help prevent issues such as low water pressure or contamination.

While it’s possible for homeowners to install their own pumps, there are benefits to working with a professional. They can ensure that the right pump is selected, provide expert installation, and ensure the safety of the homeowner.


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