• May 27, 2024

How Doggy Daycare Services Are Ran

On the Katy Bing YouTube channel, their video shows how they run their doggy daycare for clients. The video is called “Running A Doggie Day Care.” It is run by a group of young professional women who know the ins and out of caring for and training dogs.

After 6:30 a.m., most clients start to drop off their dogs for the staff.

Video Source

The staff members arrive at about 7 am. They start the day by walking the dogs and taking them to their homes to feed them. Their doggy daycare services have the equipment and skills to exercise, train, and groom dogs in a positive caring environment.

Their day is spent training dogs to learn to walk on a leash, to listen, and respond to commands. The workers try to give the dogs a positive experience during the day. The manager spends the day arranging meetings, training staff, and talking to clients on the phone.

Another service they offer at doggy daycare is grooming and washing the dogs. Their business has trained staff and equipment to manage dogs professionally for clients. Some workers can walk several dogs at one time or train a dog for a specific task. They talk with the owners to learn how to customize their doggy daycare services for individual pets.

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