• July 23, 2024

Tips Utilized by Tiling Services

Before you head down to your local tile store in search of replacement tiles, be sure to check out this brief video tutorial on repairing a loose tile. With the help of a mallet, a drill, and a shop vac (or even a regular vacuum would do) this repair person is able to demonstrate an easy-to-duplicate process.

First, the repair person locates the loose tiles by gently tapping with a mallet. It is essential to use a mallet to avoid chipping or breaking any tile.

Video Source

Once each loose area is marked, he takes a drill and makes a small hole along the grout line, and is careful not to go in too deep. The viewer will then note how he carefully removes all dust and debris from drilling in order to have a clean and clear surface for making the repair.

A bit of grout is then mixed up and used to fill a caulk tube. Each small drilled hole is then filled carefully with the grout mixture (available at your local tile store). While the grout dries it is essential to weigh down the area so there will be no lift or unevenness in the floor when the job is complete. Once dry, the handyperson removes the weights and the excess grout for a lovely tile fix that doesn’t require removing the old tile.


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